Last week, Andy had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned A Goofy Movie as one of Disney's best in the 90s. He had no idea what I was talking about because apparently he lived under a rock in the 90s. So, I thought I would enlighten him.

"I2I" is from A Goofy Movie soundtrack. It was sung by Tevin Campbell who voiced the character Powerline. Powerline is the fictitious rock star that Max, Goofy's son, tries to see over Summer vacation.

The movie featured voices from Kellie Martin, Pauly Shore, and Jason Marsden.

According to Wikipedia:

Bobby Brown was the original choice for Powerline and had some songs recorded but was cut due to drug problems. Some of the songs Bobby did for the movie were revamped and ended up on his Forever album.

Can you imagine if Powerline was Bobby Brown?!?!

In 2015, the movie celebrated it's 20th anniversary at The D23Expo. It featured a reunion of the voice actors and a performance from Tevin Campbell.

I love A Goofy Movie so much I did a post about it not too long ago. If you haven't had enough A Goofy Movie yet, click here.

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