My Timehop app really made me feel old this morning. It reminded me that Disney's The Goofy Movie came out 22 years ago today.

Oh, 1995, those were the days.

Am I really old enough to have grown up with movie that is 22 years old? Well, I guess so.

Anyway, I think The Goofy Movie does not get the respect it deserves among the Disney classics. When naming your favorite Disney movies, you hardly ever hear The Goofy Movie among them and that just isn't right.

The movie featured the voice talents of Pauly Shore, Kellie Martin, Wallace Shawn, Jenna Von Oy, and of course Bill Farmer as Goofy and Jason Marsden as Max.

R&B star Tevin Campbell did the voice for the R&B star in the movie, Powerline. I think thats what I liked the most about The Goofy Movie, it had contemporary music in it. Keep in mind, it was the 90s. So it was contemporary for the 90s. It wasn't your typical musical songs. However, they had a few of those as well.

You have probably quoted or heard a quote from The Goofy Movie and not even realized it. Pauly Shore's character is famous for his, "Leaning tower of cheese-ah!" line. Classic.

Picking a favorite song is hard, I really like "After Today" and "Stand Out" and then of course the big number at the end "I 2 I," but then there is the father/son song "Nobody Else But You."

So when is the live action remake of The Goofy Movie coming out? Come one Disney!

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