So, if you haven't been listening to the show for, I don't know, the past year, then maybe you didn't know that I was going to Europe. Well, I got back a couple of days ago and now I'm going through all my pictures and videos!

Well, for our farewell dinner in Paris, France, we had options for our starter to try some French cuisine! Frog legs, escargot, and French onion soup were all on the menu.

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The group of three I traveled with all got something different so we could try.

The frog legs really do taste like chicken. And they are cooked in garlic and butter so how could it be bad?

The French onion soup was ok. Honestly, it's not one of my favorite soups anyway, but it was alright.

And then, I was the lucky one to try escargot. Snails. In the video, you will notice it's vertical and that is annoying, but I didn't film it. Also, there was unlimited wine and beer at this dinner so I might not be totally sober. And It was almost 80 degrees that day in Paris, so forgive my crazy hair.

Honestly, the snails didn't have a taste. They were just kind of rubbery. I ate two and gave the rest to an Australian couple that really liked them.

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