Hi.  I’m Natasha.  I’m the new girl on Hot 104.7.  For the last week or so I have been giving you a glimpse into my life with a segment on the show that we cleverly call, ‘Get to Know the New Girl.’  In case you’ve missed anything about me here is a quick rundown.

I still wear my retainer- I take oral hygiene very seriously.

My high game in bowling is 236- I was in league for a long time.  I am very much out of practice now.

I have an irrational fear of sloths- Can’t really explain it.  They just creep me out.  Their one creepy talon just isn’t right.  And any animal that has moss grow on them is just gross to me.  Also, I think that whole being slow thing is a defense mechanism.  I bet if you got close enough it would all of a sudden lash out with its crazy large talon and rip your face off.  But I digress.

I only have one ovary- I have endometriosis and being a woman sucks sometimes.

I love boybands- I can’t help myself.  If 3 to 5 guys are singing and dancing I turn into a crazed 12 year old.

I’m taking an adult tap class- Always wanted to learn how to tap, but my parents were too poor so I took it upon myself to take a class.

I have the whole series of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ on DVD-  Two words: Joshua Jackson.  Two more words: Pacey Witter.  Ok, technically that is the same person, but seriously Team Pacey!

To Be Continued....