Back in 2013, I was new to the Morning Show and as a way to introduce myself, I shared a few fun facts.

The post below was originally written on May 3, 2013. Let's see how much of this still rings true. The updates will be in bold. 

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Hi.  I’m Natasha.  I’m the new girl on Hot 104.7.  For the last week or so I have been giving you a glimpse into my life with a segment on the show that we cleverly call, ‘Get to Know the New Girl.’  In case you’ve missed anything about me here is a quick rundown.

I still wear my retainer- I take oral hygiene very seriously. Still true. 

My high game in bowling is 236- I was in a league for a long time.  I am very much out of practice now. Still true. I can still pull out a decent game once in a while. 

I have an irrational fear of sloths- Can’t really explain it.  They just creep me out.  Their one creepy talon just isn’t right.  And any animal that has moss growing on them is just gross to me.  Also, I think that whole being slow thing is a defense mechanism.  I bet if you got close enough it would all of a sudden lash out with its crazy large talon and rip your face off.  But I digress. Absolutely still true. 

I only have one ovary- I have endometriosis and being a woman sucks sometimes. Still true. 

I love boybands- I can’t help myself.  If 3 to 5 guys are singing and dancing I turn into a crazed 12-year-old. Still true! 

I’m taking an adult tap class- Always wanted to learn how to tap, but my parents were too poor so I took it upon myself to take a class. I haven't been in a tap class since Covid started in 2020, but I'll be back someday. 

I have the whole series of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ on DVD-  Two words: Joshua Jackson.  Two more words: Pacey Witter.  Ok, technically that is the same person, but seriously Team Pacey! Still true. I still own the DVDs. 

To Be Continued....

2013 Natasha was such a tease. 

See Some of Sioux Falls' Beautiful Murals [PHOTOS]

I was in Canton, SD, and I happened upon a new mural.

It was really cool and that got me thinking that I know of a few murals in Sioux Falls, but I bet there's more than I realize. So, I put it out on social media for the people of Sioux Falls to tell me where all the murals are!

A few of them I had never seen, or never even been to that part of town, and a few of them, I drive by all the time and never noticed!

I know a few businesses have murals inside their establishments, but I decided to keep it to murals that are totally open for the public to see. No need to be 21!

So, here we go! Let's check out some of Sioux Falls' murals.
Did I miss one? Let me know!



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