Back in 2013, I was new to the Morning Show and as a way to introduce myself, I shared a few fun facts.

The post below was originally written on May 31, 2013. Let's see how much of this still rings true. The updates will be in bold. 

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For the final time, here we go.

I shook Barack Obama's hand-  He spoke at Morningside College, where I went, while he was on the campaign trail. Yup! I can say I touched a President. And not in a way that is scandalous! 

I recycle- I'm a planeteer you can be one too.  Saving our planet is the thing to do. Polluting and polluting is not the way.  Hear what Captain Planet has to say, "The power is yours!"  I credit 'Captain Planet' with my crazy compulsion to recycle. I'm a nerd. Also, I still recycle. 

I enjoy Boy Meets World- Who doesn't love Boy Meets World?  I can't wait for the spin off, Girl Meets WorldWell, Girl Meets World didn't last long, but I do still enjoy Boy Meets World. There is now a podcast with Will Friedle, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel where they talk about the show! 

I still have a tube TV-  I'm kickin it old school.  Plus, I'm just cheap.  Until my TV dies I can't fathom buying a new one. I did eventually upgrade to a Smart TV. It was a Christmas gift. 

I enjoy Law & Order: SVU marathons-  USA has a marathon every other day and they suck me in every time.  Even the ones I've already seen, I watch again.  Love it.  However, I also think my obsession with this show is the main reason I assume everyone is going to boil my head in acid. Still true! Still love SVU! And, now Stabler is back in Organized Crime! Even more Law & Order to love! 

The main theme of this post is: I watched too much TV and this is still true! 


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