The top 20 were revealed on 'So You Think You Can Dance' last night and the performances were some of the best.

The above performance is entitled 'Sand' and it is performed by the top 10 guys and choreographed by Christopher Scott.  This dance has one of the hardest props to work with, sand.  The risk paid off and the dance looks amazing.

Another one of my favorites from the night were the two 'animators' doing a routine choreographed once again by Christopher Scott.

These guys blow me away.  The musicality they have to hear every beat and downbeat and beat in between and how do they make their bodies do what they do?  It doesn't seem natural.

As a fellow tapper, I had to save the tap routine for last.  I've been in tap for two-ish years now and I am nowhere near these three.  Their routine is so awesome.  Three tappers on the show is huge.  I just hope they stick around for awhile.  Tappers, for some reason, don't do well on the show.  I think these three will break the tapper curse.

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