Just when I started to think that SYTYCD can't possibly hold up in it's 10th year, they totally do!

I was skeptical about this season's Stage vs. Street theme. The show introduced all-star pairings in the last few seasons, bringing back past favorites. I was just getting used to that and now this.

The first performance show where the dancers were all mixed together was great. Another twist the show introduced are group dances. No longer are dancers put into set pairs. There are trios, quartets, and some duos.

Even though the new groupings bring a cool new dynamic, one duo last night totally took the cake. The performance was a hip-hop routine. Paired together were a krumper/hip-hop dancer, JaJa, and a ballet dancer, Jim. And the dance was so good!

It reminded me why I fell in love with the show in the first place. The dances really tell beautiful stories.

Wasn't that fantastic!

It reminded me a lot of Chelsie and Mark from Season 4.

Hip-Hop with heart. If Mark and Chelsie look familiar it is because Mark was a principal dancer for Lady Gaga and Chelsie was a pro on Dancing With the Stars. 

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