I know Summer TV can be pretty sucky, for the lack of a better word, but one show I always look forward to in the Summer is So You Think You Can Dance (or SYTYCD).

In the current season, they are finishing up Academy Week, which means the live shows will be next and that is when it really gets good!

So, in honor of that, I decided to put together my Top 10 SYTYCD moments.

Now, without further ado, in no particular order, my favorites!


Honestly, this is the first thing that pops in my head whenever I think of the show. Mia Michaels is the reason I love contemporary dance. And Travis Wall is amazing!


Another Mia Michaels choreographed routine. Another time when I cried on my couch. Also, Sara Bareilles is just the best.


Sabra went on to eventually win this season and Dominic was just great to watch! I've always thought this was a great performance. Dominic is now a judge on the show! That leg trick at the end gets me every time!


Mark and Chelsie were so good together. Mark was a principal dancer for Lady Gaga for a long time and Chelsie was on Dancing with the Stars for awhile. I love the softer side of hip-hop.


Of course there would be a tap routine! The tappers don't always get the respect they deserve on dance shows! But Aaron finally broke the mold and went on to get second place! I loved this style of tap because it really does tell a story!


We saw Travis Wall earlier in the bench routine as a contestant, but he really started to shine when he came back as a choreographer. You might need a tissue. When he moved her feet to walk, I just can't!


Ok, let's lighten things up a bit. This routine was just a lot of fun! Plus, Aaron is a tapper so I had to show him some more love!


There were so many good performances the season that Sabra won, but this one literally blew my mind. I remember rewinding it and watching it over and over! When Neil does that plank over her I lost my mind!


Another tear worthy performance. Plus, I love Ade. He was amazing!


When SYTYCD announced they were doing a Juniors season, I was hesitant, but some really great performances came out of it! Including this one!

So, that makes 10! Honestly, I could pick 20 more performances that were amazing like Twitch and Comfort's 'Forever' or Danny and Lacey's samba or Jenna and Mark's 'I Am the Best' routine! Seriously, I could go on and on, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

And I didn't even get to any of the group numbers! There are just so many to pick from!

What are some of your favorites!