Can you believe So You Think You Can Dance is almost over?

Where did the time go? Where did the Summer go?

I'll tell ya where it went. It flew by while I was watching very talented young people dance really well. That's where it went.

So on last night's performance finale the top 4 all danced one routine with each other and then their all-star dance was in their style of dance so it made for some wonderful dance routines.

Shall we get to it? We shall.

The first routine that really stuck out to me was Ricky and Zack's hip-hop number. These two guys don't look like they would be good at hip-hop at all! Ricky is trained in contemporary and Zack in tap, so where they got their swagger for this hip-hop number, I don't know. But I frickin loved it.

Now, these next two numbers were my favorites for two reasons. 1. They brought back Aaron from last year. Love! and 2. They were tap numbers so obviously they were my favorites.

Valerie's routine was such a throwback and so classy. And Zack's routine to 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel just made me feel good inside. 'Piano Man' is not a song I would immediately think would be a great song to tap to, but they proved me wrong. It was soooo good.

Have I mentioned I want a pair of red tap shoes?


Ok the last routine that I have to mention is Jessica's contemporary number with Robert. First of all, love Robert. Second of all, beautiful, elegant, girl power routine by Travis Wall. Did I mention that I love Travis Wall too!

Gorgeous! That crazy roll on the ground and then all of a sudden she's standing and the way she flings his head at the end like 'I don't need you, jerk!' Love it all!

So a winner will be named next week and I think this is the most evenly matched season in a long time. I would love a tapper to win, and honestly Valerie or Zack are good enough. Jessica is kind of the underdog that came from the back. She almost got sent home in Hollywood week and lost a lot of partners on this season, but somehow managed to stick around and be amazeballs. But I think Ricky has been the favorite since the beginning and will probably win!

Whichever way it goes, it sure has been a wonderful season of dancing and I can't wait for next season.

Good thing there is 'Dancing With the Stars' to tide me over until then!

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