Last night was the finale of 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

The scores were tallied up for the last two weeks and we would finally find out who America named as its favorite dancer!

In case you forgot the top four were: Valerie, Ricky, Zack, and Jessica.

The show was full of the judge's and contestants favorite dances throughout the season. I always love the last show because it is such a showcase of all the best stuff!

The results were announced throughout the show. Zack was in fourth place, followed by Jessica in third.

Then it was down to Valerie and Ricky.

Valerie is a tapper so I have hopes for her, but Ricky has been a favorite the whole season!

Who will win?

And the winner is...Ricky!!!

ricky sytycd

Congratulations Ricky!

What a great season of dancing this was. Can't wait until next Summer. Good think 'Dancing With the Stars' is starting soon!




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