It was a big night on SYTYCD. Four dancers were going to be sent home and the top ten would be revealed.

Making it to the top ten is kind of a big deal because this is when the dancers get paired with all-stars from previous seasons.

It makes the dancers up their game and makes me excited to see old favorites. Even though I love seeing some of my favorites from past seasons, sometimes I wonder if it hurts the new dancers because I really don't watch them when a crowd favorite is dancing.

Regardless, the all-stars are coming.

Anyway, back to last night's show.

Tanisha and Rudy did a contemporary dance to a Celine Dion song. It was so pretty. I believe it was choreographed by Mandy Moore. I love her. Some of these lifts are incredible.

I didn't particularly like the Paso Doble that Jacque performed with Zack, but in her little intro package it was revealed she worked at a grocery store and the grocery store signs looked familiar. It is a Hy-Vee. So I look up where she's from because grocery stores are regional. She is from Clive, IA. Iowa represent. So even though it wasn't really my favorite here is Jacque and Zack.

My fellow tapper, Valerie and her partner, Ricky, danced a voodoo inspired hip-hop routine and it was soooooo good. Valerie and Ricky are probably the least hip-hop inspired dancers on the show, but they worked it out. I thought their musicality was great and what the heck was Valerie doing with her legs while she was down in a split. Girl, OW!

Then the top seven guys and the top seven girls did group routines. It seems the group routines are far outshining the couple routines this year.

It was ladies first and this time they were choreographed by Mandy Moore and like I said before I love her. It was such a beautiful yet hard edged routine. The costumes were flowy and light, but some of the moves and parts of the song were very hard. Loved the juxtaposition.

I definitely liked the girls group dance better than the guys. The guys weren't bad and it had some very pretty moments, but it just didn't give me goosebumps like the girls routine did. Wasn't one of my favorites from choreographer Travis Wall.

Then it was decision time.

The bottom six were called out and four would be sent home. In the end, Jessica and Casey were saved. Probably due in large part to their Travis Wall contemporary routine that they got rave reviews on.

It was pretty darn good. And Casey can turn for days. And that kiss was pretty hot.

So we said farewell to Teddy, Serge, Carly, and Emily.

Can't wait for the all-stars next week! Talk to ya then!





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