First things first, the opening number this week was awesome.

I haven't liked an opening number all season as much as this one! The colors, the theme, the choice of song, the everything!

Seriously, the show could have been over then and I would have been content, but there was so much more great dancing. I'm warning you right now, this is going to be a long post. There was so much to talk about and I still won't touch on everything. Here it goes.

Tanisha was paired with all-star, Ryan, for a tantalizing tango and when I say tantalizing I mean it. Tanisha's opening solo was sexy! Get it girl! Not to mention the crazy lifts these two did. Blew my mind!

Now it was time for the return of NappyTabs! That is Napoleon and Tabitha for those of you who are new to 'So You Think You Can Dance.' NappyTabs are awesome hip-hop choreographers who just so happen to be married and have a child.

Anyway, to the dance. They choreographed a great piece for Emilio and all-star, Jasmine. It was snake charmer-ific! I just made that up, but it was great.

When Emilio lifts Jasmine out of the basket with her leg around his head! Blew my mind! And they both move their bodies in ways that should be illegal! But I love it!

Ricky and all-star, Lauren were paired with choreographer Mandy Moore. This routine was a jazzy rock-a-billy piece to the music of Elvis! It was fast-paced and up-tempo and awesome! Ricky is one of my favorite guys and he really delivered. Is there anything he can't do? My favorite part of this routine was probably the end sequence on the floor that ends with their legs tangled and boom end pose! Great stuff.

So many great numbers tonight! Gotta keep going!

Spencer Liff choreographed Casey and all-star, Kathryn in a Broadway number that was epic! The music was spot on! You can't go wrong with Liza Minelli. They looked the part and played the part and I got goosebumps. When the music crescendos and the dancing got crazier, love! The only part I didn't like was the end. I would have preferred a happy ending, but what are you gonna do?

I couldn't do this review without mentioning everyone's favorite all-star, Twitch! Twitch was back and paired with Jessica for a second Nappytabs routine! How did we get so lucky with two in one night? This routine was so cute and funny yet difficult. Twitch plays an old, kind of pervy guy waiting at a bus stop and sees Jessica and is just enamored. And hilarity and dancing ensues! I love that the music is kind of big band sounding, but the dancing is clearly hip-hop.

Jessica definitely held her own with Twitch! Good job, girl!

The show was so great. Why does anyone have to go home?

The all-stars really made all the contestants step up their game.

In the end, Bridget and Emilio went home. It was a little sad because they both danced really well. But on the bright side, Jacque and Zack were saved. So my fellow Iowan and a tapper were saved. I'll take it!

Next week is a tribute to Michael Jackson! Get your glitter glove and get ready!

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