These are a few of my favorite things.

Hanson ✔️ Target ✔️ The Try Guys ✔️

If you haven't heard of The Try Guys, they are a group of four guys that started an online video series where they try stuff. Everything from food to games to sports. One of my favorite videos is when they wear high heels out for a night. As a female, who wears heels on occasion, it was hilarious and relatable.

If you haven't heard of Hanson, how dare you?

And if you haven't heard of Target, I just can't help you.

Anyway, the guys met up to go on a Target run and it's so fun.

They exchange parenting tips, fashion tips, hygiene tips, and touring tips. Also, we find out who is the sweatiest of each group. Good to know.

There may even be plans for them to go to space. Why not?

Of course, the video ends with a musical collaboration. What kind of Hanson video would it be without some music?





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