Raise your hand if you buy concert t-shirts and then don't wear them because you want them to stay nice because they were super expensive. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

I have a whole stack of t-shirts that I spent way too much on because I think it will be a fun souvenir or memory.

I'm usually super cheap when it comes to buying clothes so the fact that I'll shell out up to $50 for a t-shirt is something I only do at concerts. It's cheating if you buy a band t-shirt online or at Target. What kind of fun memory is that? You have to earn that concert shirt, but don't wear it to the concert. That is a whole other blog post.

Anyway, I decided to wear one of my concert t-shirts every day until I've worn them all! Some of them are too big now, some of them are too small now, but it doesn't matter, I'm doing it and taking you along for the ride.

To review last week's shirts, click here.

Labor Day doesn't count so we will skip to Tuesday!

Looky here, Tuesday was another Hanson shirt.


I know I probably shouldn't pick a favorite concert shirt because I don't want to hurt the other shirts' feelings, but this shirt is probably my favorite! 1. Because it's Hanson 2. Because I have a weird thing for cassette tapes 3. it's comfy 4. I get compliments on it all the time, however, most people don't realize it's a Hanson shirt right away. Anyway, this was from the Anthem tour. For this tour, Hanson did two nights in every city. The first night covered/songs that inspired them and the second night was all the Hanson jams! I saw this show in Chicago at the House of Blues. It was the first time I got to try Hanson's beer, MMMhops as well! I even took an empty box from the bartender. He thought I was crazy. I didn't care. Also, this shirt is actually an XL! It's one of those women's baby doll sizes, but I was lucky enough to get the last one! Yay!

Wednesday was Kenny Chesney!


What can I say? I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. I saw this show with my mom and brother at the Tyson Event Center in Sioux City. His openers/special guests were Uncle Kracker and Gretchen Wilson. They came out a couple of times to do songs with Kenny. I remember Kenny started the show by surprising everybody by coming out in the middle of the venue. If I remember right, I think he came down from the ceiling or was somehow in the air! I also remember, during the song "Back Where I Come From" there was footage from Sioux City and the surrounding area on the screens. That was pretty cool. I also remember, a guy in our row got really drunk, threw up, and was kicked out before Kenny even started.



First of all, can you believe I almost didn't buy this yellow sweater because I didn't think I had anything to go with it? I wear it all the time. Anyway, I saw Hellogoodbye during college in Omaha at The Sokol Auditorium. Their opener was Boys Like Girls. At the time, I had no idea who Boys Like Girls were. Later that year, "The Great Escape" was huge. Anyway, being part of my college radio station, I played the crap out of Hellogoodbye! You guys, they are so good. I must admit, I haven't really kept up with them in recent years, but their Hellogoodbye EP and Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! hold a special place in my heart. Funny story, so a few  years later Boys Like Girls and Hellogoodbye were on tour together again and I went with my brother and this time Hellogoodbye opened for Boys Like Girls. 

Lastly, Friday, the 19th Anniversary of September 11.


I thought even though this isn't technically a concert t-shirt, it was a souvenir and holds memories so it counts. I got this shirt on a family vacation to New York City in 2006. We went in July to see the 4th of July fireworks and my brother's birthday just so happens to be July 6th and he turned 16 that year. I got this shirt from the MTV store in Times Square back when MTV still had TRL and did all sorts of cool things in Times Square. My dad thought we could just go up and look around. Dads, amirite? This is another one of those women's baby doll sizes. It's an XL and short-waisted and I don't wear it a lot because it's a weird fit for me, but I dig it out for special occasions.

Anyway, back to the NYC family trip, our hotel was actually in the financial district, which is where Ground Zero was. After a day or so, we asked the concierge where Ground Zero was and they looked at us blankly. It was literally three storefronts down. We had passed it multiple times, just thinking it was some kind of construction, not knowing that's where the World Trade Center had been. We walked down and looked around. Even then, there were a few official memorials, but tons of homemade ones. Then, in 2014, I was actually in NYC with my college bestie during the week of 9/11 and we were able to see the World Trade Center memorial fountain and go through the museum. However, One World Trade Center was not open yet. It was very humbling.

Believe it or not, I still have more concert shirts! To be continued next week!

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