Raise your hand if you buy concert t-shirts and then don't wear them because you want them to stay nice because they were super expensive. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

I have a whole stack of t-shirts that I spent way too much on because I think it will be a fun souvenir or memory.

I'm usually super cheap when it comes to buying clothes so the fact that I'll shell out up to $50 for a t-shirt is something I only do at concerts. It's cheating if you buy a band t-shirt online or at Target. What kind of fun memory is that? You have to earn that concert shirt, but don't wear it to the concert. That is a whole other blog post.

Anyway, I decided to wear one of my concert t-shirts every day until I've worn them all! Some of them are too big now, some of them are too small now, but it doesn't matter, I'm doing it and taking you along for the ride.

To review last week's shirts, click here.

I have Friday off this week, so you get the Concert T-shirt Roundup early! This week's inadvertent theme is Teen Heartthrobs.

Monday was Hanson!


The fact that this shirt is kind of too big for me now is such a bummer because it's one of my favorites. This shirt is from the Shout it Out tour. I saw this show in Omaha at The Slowdown. I believe it was a year or so after I graduated from college. The show was in August, but it was so frickin hot that day. Unlike the Minneapolis show I told you about earlier, this show was the exact opposite. We were waiting outside all day just sweating. It was so uncomfortable. Hanson started doing one mile walks before their shows to help raise money for varying causes. Sometimes they even do them barefoot and fans will do the same. I remember a few people really messed up their feet on this walk because it was so hot. Ugh. The show was great though!

Tuesday was JT!


This was from my first Justin Timberlake concert experience. I'm trying to do a serious face like Justin. lol. Anyway, this was his "Sexyback" era! I saw the Futuresex/Loveshow in Omaha. I got the tickets for my birthday, I was a Senior in college, I believe. I was so excited. At the time, the digital camera I had was kind of big and sometimes I was told I couldn't bring it in, so I had to sneak it in. Then security was actually kind of snippy about photos so I had to be stealthy. Pink was his opener, so I guess technically, I've seen Pink in concert twice. Even as an opener she did silk work and was up in the air for most of the set. This concert tour was done in the round and Timbaland was a special guest! You guys, Justin is so good.

Wednesday, Backstreet's Back, oh yeah!


This shirt was from my first ever Backstreet Boys show! The year was 2010, it was the This Is Us tour and I saw them in Kansas City. As you can see from the shirt, this is from the 'Kevin left the group' era. There are only four beautiful faces on the shirt. I must say, I liked the album This Is Us and was happy to see this tour. That album was more dance/electronic and was just fun. However, when I did finally see all 5 guys back together, I lost my shiz! Who knew I liked Kevin so much?

Thursday was Jesse McCartney.


This shirt is in reference to Jesse's song "She's No You." Get it? This shirt brings back more memories of getting the tickets than of the actual show. So, this was when "Beautiful Soul" was huge! Jesse McCartney was going to play The Orpheum in Sioux City. It was 2005 and while buying tickets online was a thing, it wasn't unheard of to wait in line for tickets. So, a friend of mine and I literally stayed in line overnight to buy tickets at the Tyson Event Center box office. The even crazier thing, we weren't the only ones. It was actually pretty fun getting to know others in line. We were in college at the time so no parental guidance for us, however, I was surprised how many parents were willing to sleep in line, overnight, with their kids, to get tickets. There may have been some swimming in the Tyson Event Center fountain that night. Plus, it checked off a bucket list item of camping out to buy concert tickets. I figured Jesse fans were safe to sleep outside with.

We ended up with second-row seats. The show was good but short. He didn't have an opener and it only lasted about an hour. Also, security was very strict about cameras and because we were so close to the front, it was almost impossible to sneak a photo. I had four disposable cameras with me because I thought I would have great pictures! By the end, I decided it was OK to risk it and got maybe three photos! #WorthIt

Don't worry, I still have more concert t-shirts, check back next week!

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