Raise your hand if you buy concert t-shirts and then don't wear them because you want them to stay nice because they were super expensive. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

I have a whole stack of t-shirts that I spent way too much on because I think it will be a fun souvenir or memory.

I'm usually super cheap when it comes to buying clothes so the fact that I'll shell out up to $50 for a t-shirt is something I only do at concerts. It's cheating if you buy a band t-shirt online or at Target. What kind of fun memory is that? You have to earn that concert shirt, but don't wear it to the concert. That is a whole other blog post.

Anyway, I decided to wear one of my concert t-shirts every day until I've worn them all! Some of them are too big now, some of them are too small now, but it doesn't matter, I'm doing it and taking you along for the ride.

To review last week's shirts, click here.

I had Monday off, so we only get four-concert shirts this week.

The week started with Blink-182!


I finally got to see Blink-182 at Harrah's Stir Cove in Council Bluffs last Summer (2019). I say finally because I had tickets to two previous Blink shows and both were canceled. So, I was super excited! Only to be let down because they didn't perform my favorite song, "The Rock Show." I'm still not over it. This shirt is actually a tank so I don't wear it a ton because I'm usually cold. It's also a large, but in women's clothing, that means baby doll sizes. It's a bit snug.

Wednesday was The Format.


Never heard of The Format? Shame on you. Just kidding. The Format is fronted by Nate Ruess who went on to be the lead singer of FUN. I saw The Format out in California. I went to visit my friend, Eric, who was going to college in Costa Mesa.(So it's been a hot minute.) Eric introduced me to this band and we went to the show! It was so good! I wish I would have got a pic with the band. We saw them outside loading up their own equipment. I bet Nate Ruess doesn't do that anymore. The Format has recently gotten back together and were going to do a few shows and then COVID happened. Sad day. Seriously though, if you haven't heard of them, look them up. My favorite songs are "The First Single" and "The Compromise."

Thursday was all about Hanson!


This is just one of many Hanson concert shirts, but the most recent! I saw Hanson's Wintry Mix tour in Omaha at The Sokol Auditorium last winter (2019). The Wintry Mix tour was the first time I heard Hanson do any of their Holiday songs live. They have two Holiday albums so I was super excited. Plus, we heard all the usual faves! I also got a cassette tape ornament at this show!

To close out the week, Backstreet Boys.


Last week started with BSB and this week is ending with BSB. This shirt is from the Backstreet Boys DNA tour that I saw last Summer (2019) in Omaha at the now CHI Center. This is actually the same tour that we will eventually have here in Sioux Falls. Also, I saw this BSB show the same weekend as the aforementioned Blink show!

Seeya next week!

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