It feels a little more like 1999 each day.

Calling all emos and punks! Blink-182 is back together, with a new single and they're going on tour.

Don't start celebrating just yet...those concert ticket prices are causing a major pause.

Ticket Prices For Blink-182 Reunion Concert Shock Fans

I've been a massive fan of the trio since I was old enough to watch TRL on MTV. They broke up a couple of times before I was old enough to see them, and it's been a good while since guitarist and vocalist Tom Delonge was involved.

Well. they're all back. Blink-182 has an album coming, and their new single 'Edging' has been on repeat since it dropped last Friday.

It can't all be like it was back in 1999 though -- the ticket pricing for the 'Blink-182 Tour 2023' is sky-high, just like everything else in the world in 2022.

Fans are pretty shocked to see these tickets going for upwards of $400 for a nosebleed seat and as much as $1,000 for a pit ticket. Even guitarist and vocalist Mark Hoppus had trouble buying a pair of tickets through Ticketmaster.

Now, these outrageous prices aren't specific to Blink. They're for everyone. It's a part of Ticketmaster's dynamic pricing, a.k.a if the tickets are in demand, they can jack up the prices because they know people will buy them.

They also resell tickets on their site, which I have always had a problem with. Someone (or bots) will go in and buy a ticket to the show that's at face value, and then turn around immediately within the same purchase window and double the price, and put it back up for sale.

Via: Ticketmaster
Via: Ticketmaster

Here's a current look at prices for Blink's show in Boston next year. Underneath the section and seat, it says verified resale ticket. Those tickets were $100 max, but since they're's now double the price.

Now let's look at what the ticket selection looks like after you turn off resale and platinum seating in the filter menu (platinum tickets are the tickets that Ticketmaster sells at outrageous prices themselves)

Via: Ticketmaster
Via: Ticketmaster

No tickets are available within the request. The one blue section lit up has two seats for 179 a piece in the 3rd to the last row in the arena. Meaning all of those tickets are not priced at what they should be. It's been happening a lot more recently.

I've been through the agonizing buying prices for the last two years, and I'm sure it won't be ending any time soon.

I am going to manifest I get tickets somehow, because not only is it one of my favorite bands back together...their openers are some of my favorites too. It's also a summer tour.

Fingers crossed for the grungy kid summer we all dreamed of.

Until's where my head is:

Blink-182, with opening band Turnstile, will be playing in Houston at the Toyota Center on July 8th. The show starts at 7:30.

Via: Blink-182 Twitter
Via: Blink-182 Twitter

Floor tickets for that show start at around $500, and the upper bowl is around $150.

Good luck, punks.

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