Over the last year, I've tried to see Blink-182 twice and both times were cancelled.

Finally, third time was the charm. I got to see Blink-182 perform live at The Stir Cove.

It is an outdoor venue so I was worried that rain might cancel the show. It did sprinkle a couple times, but the concert was a go!

I have to say, I was let down. After waiting so long to see them, they only performed for a little over an hour and they didn't perform my favorite song, "The Rock Show".

They didn't even do an encore!

What the band did do was really good. This was their anniversary tour for Enema of the State so they performed that whole album front to back, which I understand and enjoyed. Some of their other song choices, I don't quite understand.

For example, "The Rock Show" is off of the album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. Blink performed "First Date" from that album, which is mostly sung by Tom Delonge, who isn't even with the band anymore. Whereas, "The Rock Show" is sung mostly by Mark Hoppus, who is still in the band! What sense does that make?

Like I said, the songs they did perform were great, I was just disappointed in the length of the show and my favorite song being omitted. I'll get over it in time. Maybe.

Just so you don't think I'm a total negative Nellie, my favorite part of the show was during "All The Small Things" when they let a guy from the crowd come up and play bass for that song! That was really fun! I definitely got my cardio in!

Real quick, I want to give a shout out to Harrah's Stir Cove staff and security. The line to get into the show was one of the longest lines I have ever seen, but the line moved so efficiently and so quickly, I was amazed! Kudos!

Now, here are some crappy pictures I took. Keep in mind, I'm only 5'2'' and I couldn't see a darn thing most of the time. Enjoy!

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