Raise your hand if you buy concert t-shirts and then don't wear them because you want them to stay nice because they were super expensive. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

I have a whole stack of t-shirts that I spent way too much on because I think it will be a fun souvenir or memory.

I'm usually super cheap when it comes to buying clothes so the fact that I'll shell out up to $50 for a t-shirt is something I only do at concerts. It's cheating if you buy a band t-shirt online or at Target. What kind of fun memory is that? You have to earn that concert shirt, but don't wear it to the concert. That is a whole other blog post.

Anyway, I decided to wear one of my concert t-shirts every day until I've worn them all! Some of them are too big now, some of them are too small now, but it doesn't matter, I'm doing it and taking you along for the ride.

To review last week's shirts, click here.

I had Monday off, Thursday and Friday are the Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon and we have to wear special shirts for those days, so only two concert shirts this week. I know you're devastated.

Tuesday was Aerosmith!


Not sure what my face is doing. I'm trying to be rock-n-roll, I guess. Anyway, I saw Aerosmith in 2004 in Sioux City at the Tyson Event Center. We had nose bleeds seats. Could probably touch the back wall. This concert was a bit of a family affair. I believe both my parents went as well as an Aunt, an Uncle, a couple of cousins, and my brother. This was a pretty big concert for Sioux City! Everybody went. I will say I was a bit disappointed, it was one of the only concerts I've been to that didn't have big screens. I mean, I figured having nose bleeds seats wouldn't be so bad because there would be screens, but nope. If I remember correctly, I believe my Aunt Margaret actually bought me this shirt as a High School graduation present! Class of '04, baby!

Wednesday is another Hanson shirt!



I had to shed my outer layer so you could see the detail on this one! This shirt was from Hanson's The Walk Tour. The album of the same name featured a choir from Africa. With this tour, the guys started doing a barefoot one-mile walk before every show with fans. Hanson partnered with Toms Shoes and for every fan that did 'the walk', they donated a pair of shoes to kids in Africa. They kept this up on future tours but sometimes the donation was for education, medical, or one of many other important issues. I saw this show in Kansas City at The Beaumont Club and it is probably one of my favorite Hanson experiences. Maybe one of my favorite concert experiences ever. Just like other Hanson shows, it's general admission, so we waited outside in line basically all day. But, on this day, the weather was perfect and there was a coffee shop nearby. We also got to hear the guys do soundcheck and it was awesome! Plus, this was the first time I sort of, kind of, got to meet the guys' thanks to 'the walk'. Of course, I totally clammed up and didn't say anything, but it was still cool.

Believe it or not, I have enough t-shirts for one more week!

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