Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows I love Hanson. Yes, that Hanson. "MMMBop" Hanson. And yes, I've heard every joke about liking them.

I'm getting distracted.

Anyway, Hanson put out a new holiday album entitled Finally It's Christmas.(Check out their lyric video.) It came out October 28th and I went to a couple stores locally to try and find it and it was nowhere to be found. So, I bought it on Hanson's website.

Well, it ended up being on backorder so I had to wait and wait and wait.

It showed up in my mailbox on Saturday with a little extra something! An autographed picture!!! Good things really do come to those who wait.

Plus, look how cute the CD is! It's a snowflake!

And yes, I still buy CDs. I like to look at the pictures and read the liner. I'm that person.

And isn't it awesome how well Hanson treats their fans?!?! They're the best!

P.S. The autograph is now hanging in my cubicle! Everyone is super jealous. They're acting like they don't care, but I know how they really feel.

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