The winner was announced yesterday (Congrats Papa Woody's) However, I still have one last burger to tell you about. It's only fair to give all the burgers I tried a fair review.

I've previously told you all about:

My 14th and the final burger were The Loukah from Tommyjacks. In previous years, I was pleasantly surprised by Tommyjacks burgers and their food menu in general.

The Loukah is described as, "So many flavors, not enough taste buds! Kicking things off with our hand patties 1/3 pound burger! First, we top it with our very own candied bacon! Once those two are perfected, we melt some blue cheese crumbles and shovel on some portabella mushrooms that were simmered in our super-secret apricot glaze! Next, we are off to the races with our crispy onion strings that were battered in our homemade hemp-heart seasoned flour! Adding the finishing touches with a dollop of house mixed slaw, and end this love story with a drizzle of the local favorite special sauce!"

This burger, just from the description had a bunch of my favorite things: candied bacon, mushrooms, and crispy onion strings!

Plus, their secret apricot glaze and the special sauce had me all kinds of curious. I had to try this burger!

The apricot glaze turned out to be amazing and as for the special sauce, I think it was some sort of buffalo sauce. It had that buffalo wing tang. It was really good.

Out of the 24 burgers this year, I tried 14 of them. I think that is a respectable showing.

I think Tommyjack's The Loukah was a great burger to end on. It was full of flavor and had a great mixture of some of my favorite burger toppings.

Plus, they have great tots!

Until next year!

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