January 31st marked the end of #BurgerBattle21. The winner was announced earlier today (Congrats Papa Woody's) However, I sampled a few more burgers over this past weekend so even though the Downtown Burger Battle is technically over, I have to give you my two cents.

This year there were 24 burgers competing. Challenge accepted.

I've previously told you all about:

Lucky #13 is The Brie and Apple Burger from Crawford's.

The Brie and Apple Burger is described as, "House ground, apple-infused Angus burger with artisan greens, tomato, bacon-onion marmalade and Brie cheese on a toasted brioche bun."

First of all, let me just state the obvious, brie is one of the best cheeses in the world! It can go sweet, it can go savory, it is just melty and delicious. So already, this burger is off to a great start.

I will say, I didn't pick up on many apples. I was hoping for that to come through a little more. That being said, the bacon-onion marmalade was great. I could eat that on a cracker or even just with a spoon all by itself. And, a brioche bun is always a solid choice.

For some reason, I was getting a peppery after taste. My best guess is the artisan greens may have had arugula in them. Or, I just have weird taste buds.

Again, I know it's not a fry contest, but Crawford's has great fries. They're a good thick steak fry and they have shavings of parmesan cheese on them! Yes, please.

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