What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to get out and explore the Earth!

Southeast South Dakota has beautiful places for a hike like Lake Alvin in Lincoln County, and the Historic Klondike Dam on the SD/Iowa border.

I will fully admit, I'm not super outdoorsy, but I don't mind a little walkabout once in a while.

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First up, Lake Alvin. Lake Alvin is located in Lincoln County, South Dakota near Harrisburg and Newton Hills State Park. Lake Alvin is a man-made lake formed by a dam on the Nine Mile Creek before it enters the Big Sioux River.

According to the Games, Fish, and Parks website, "Although small in size, Lake Alvin has become a very popular area. This 59-acre park is best known for its beach facilities and excellent fishing."

Next up was the Historic Klondike Dam on the Big Sioux River, which I'll be honest, I had never heard of before.

The Klondike Dam used to be home to a flour mill. The mill was taken out in 2013, however, some remnants of that mill are still there.

The bridge is now a walking bridge, no longer safe for vehicles. On one side you're in South Dakota and on the other, you're in Iowa.

OnlyInYourState.com says, "The old Klondike Dam, built on the Big Sioux River, has been completely converted into a recreation site! Now, kayakers and adventurers alike can experience a blend of history and nature at this gorgeous spot along the Big Sioux River...The original dam was built in 1883, and the bridge has been standing over the river for almost as long!"

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Lake Alvin and The Historic Klondike Dam

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