If it is January in Sioux Falls that means it is Downtown Burger Battle time!!!!

This year there are 24 burgers competing. Challenge accepted.

I've previously told you all about:

Next up, The Who Dat Burger from Swamp Daddy's Cajun Kitchen.

The Who Dat Burger is described as, "The Who Dat burger has a house patty blend of chuck beef, short rib and andouille sausage topped with pepper jack and American cheese layered with a homemade bourbon bacon jam, and fried onions, crisp lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun and finished with our Mardi Gras glaze!"

The andouille sausage was a great addition to this burger. Added a little bit of spice and is obviously very prevalent in Cajun cooking.

The only thing that didn't quite work for me was the Mardi Gras glaze, which was such a bummer because I loved the look of it. The burger was topped with what I think was colored sugar in Mardi Gras colors. It was purple, gold, and green. It looked really cool, but if you got a bite with a lot of it, it was too much.

I did, however, like that the burger was served with a side of pork rinds. It was a nice change of pace from fries. Also, they're just a 'lighter' option. Left more room to try more burgers.

This is the last week to try the contenders. I don't know if I'm gonna get to 24, but I'm having fun trying.

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