Downtown Sioux Falls introduced their 5th Annual Downtown Mash Madness challenge and I humbly accepted.

Ok, maybe it wasn't necessarily a challenge, but I still accepted. I mean, I go drink some beer and could win prizes, count me in!

This year there are five breweries with beers up for consideration.

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We started at Severance Brewing Company to try their competitor, Coconut Zambooki. The Coconut Zambooki is described as, "A sweet blonde ale brewed with roasted coconut and Colombian coffee from The Source."

I applaud Severance for teaming up with another local business for this brew. I'm not a huge fan of coconut so I was a little nervous, however, you taste way more coffee than coconut. The presentation was cute, it was served in a glass mug. My friends and I wondered since it has such a strong coffee flavor, what it would be like warm. Just an idea.

Next up, Covert Artisan Ales to try the Peach Bretta. The Peach Bretta is described as, "This fruited Table Beer at 4.5% ABV is an easy-drinking table beer, crisp and refreshing with a tart peach finish. Flavor profiles include light, refreshing, easy-drinking, tart, peach, sweet, sour peach candies, sessionable, well balanced, and complex."

Let me just say, I don't really like sours. The first couple of drinks are definitely cheek pinchers. Halfway through, it did seem to mellow out a bit. Because I do like peach, I was hoping to like this one more, but unfortunately, I'm just not a sour beer drinker.

Moving on to Remedy's Is This Even A Beer?. Is This Even A Beer? is described as, "Massive amounts of black currant and blueberry puree brewed with lactose round out a tart finish. Why eat dessert when you can drink it? 4% ABV."

This 'beer' was still a bit sour, but nowhere near as sour as the Peach Bretta. It was definitely unlike any other beer I've had before. The lactose gave it a bit of a smoothie feel, but at the same time, it wasn't really like any smoothie I've ever had either. It is really hard to describe. I guess I'll just say, I liked it.

Woodgrain was up next with their beer, Noticeably Absent. Noticeably Absent is described as, "Noticeably Absent is a dry-hopped Session Pilsner with a refreshing burst of lemongrass flavor."

This beer was, for lack of a better word, kind of 'basic'. But compared to my previous two beers that were packed with flavor, this was a welcome palette cleanser. If you like more of a straight-up beer without many frills. I think you'll like this one.

Last, but certainly not least is Fernson's Seltzer Sunrise. The Seltzer Sunrise is described as, "A hard seltzer fermented with agave syrup, loaded with cara cara orange, pomegranate, and hibiscus to make our spin on a Tequila Sunrise. At 8.5% ABV, you should find it just as warming."

Honestly, this was probably my favorite. It would be great on a warm day by the pool. It is also the most potent as far as ABV is concerned so it was a good way to finish. The only thing that was kind of a bummer about trying this beer was that it's March and it's just not the right weather for such a refreshing, cocktail-like beer.

There you have it! Mission accomplished!

Mash Madness 2021 is complete!






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