It is January in Sioux Falls so the battle has begun! The Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle that is!

This year there are a whopping 27 participating restaurants, which means 27 burgers to choose from! More about all those burgers, here.

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I previously told you about:

And my buddy Jeff Harkness has also been burger battling. You can see some of his reviews, here.

Today we will be discussing 'The Queen Bee Burger' at Remedy Brewing Company.

Remedy is a brewery located at 401 East 8th St.

'The Queen Bee Burger' official description is, "A 1/3 pound hand pattied burger with black truffle roasted garlic aioli, butter bibb lettuce, Queen Bee braised onions, swiss cheese, potato chips, and Queen Bee honey mustard, all on a toasted black garlic parmesan bun. Comes with a side of potato chips."


Going in, I was already expecting a lot because Queen Bee is literally my favorite local beer and I love honey mustard. So a honey mustard made with Queen Bee had my interest peaked!

So, did the honey mustard live up to my hype? Yes. It was delicious. I think it should be a new dipping sauce added to everything on their menu.

They also used Queen Bee beer to braise the onions. Yum.

I thought adding the potato chips to the burger was fun because I think we all have added chips to sandwiches growing up. Just a fun bit of nostalgia for me, personally.

Again, I know we're not judging the side dishes, but in my personal point bank, Remedy lost a little because of the potato chips as a side.

Overall, the burger was good, but the real star was the honey mustard. I would buy a bottle of it right now if I could.

Not too shabby for Remedy's first time in the Burger Battle arena!

10 down, 17 to go!

Tour of the 2022 Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle

The 9th Annual Downtown Burger Battle begins January 1, 2022 and runs through the entire month.

This year there are 27 participating restaurants. I hope you have some stretchy pants!

If you've never participated in the Downtown Burger Battle, this is how it works:

  1. Review the participating restaurants and their burgers
  2. Make sure you check their schedule and hours before you go
  3. Go to one of the restaurants
  4. Eat the burger
  5. Use the DTSF Digital Passport to vote and rate the burger
  6. Repeat 26 more times
  7. And you could win prizes
  8. And you help one downtown restaurant win the Burger Battle and reign supreme for one whole year!
Voting criteria consist of patty, creativity, toppings, bun, and customer service.




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