It is January in Sioux Falls so the battle has begun! The Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle that is!

This year there are a whopping 27 participating restaurants, which means 27 burgers to choose from! More about all those burgers, here.

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I previously told you about:

And my buddy Jeff Harkness has also been burger battling. You can see some of his reviews, here.

Today we will be discussing 'The Tuscany Burger' from Chef Lance's on Phillips.

Chef Lance's is located at 431 North Phillips Ave.

'The Tuscany Burger' is officially described as, "1/2 lb. fresh Certified Angus ground beef topped with fresh arugula, balsamic vinegarette, basil pesto, heirloom tomatoes, fontina cheese, Genoa salami, and garlic mayo all on a sun-dried tomato and basil toasted Breadsmith custom bun. Served with a side of Chef Lance’s handmade tots and a side of Sriracha ranch."


This isn't Chef Lance's first time in the Burger Battle, but it was my first time at Chef Lance’s! It is a very busy restaurant and doesn't take walk-ins all the time. We learned from past mistakes, planned ahead, and made a reservation. It was a good thing we did because they were booked for the whole night!

This wins the prize for most fragrant. The sun-dried tomato and basil bun smelled amazing. You could really smell the basil. While the bun was tasty, it didn't hold up to the juices very well. The bottom bun got pretty saturated. I don't mind a little mess though.


If you're a fan of Italian flavors and pizza, you'll like this burger!

Again, I know this is not a competition about the side dishes, but this is my new favorite side. (Sorry, Papa Woody's cheese curds. I still love you though.) These homemade tots were *chef's kiss*. It was kind of like cheesy hashbrowns balled up and fried! The homemade tots are a regular menu item so you can get them all the time.

The sriracha ranch was very good, but so was everything else on its own. It was good with it or without it.

Eight down, 19 to go!



Tour of the 2022 Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle

The 9th Annual Downtown Burger Battle begins January 1, 2022 and runs through the entire month.

This year there are 27 participating restaurants. I hope you have some stretchy pants!

If you've never participated in the Downtown Burger Battle, this is how it works:

  1. Review the participating restaurants and their burgers
  2. Make sure you check their schedule and hours before you go
  3. Go to one of the restaurants
  4. Eat the burger
  5. Use the DTSF Digital Passport to vote and rate the burger
  6. Repeat 26 more times
  7. And you could win prizes
  8. And you help one downtown restaurant win the Burger Battle and reign supreme for one whole year!
Voting criteria consist of patty, creativity, toppings, bun, and customer service.

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