If you're a beer drinker always looking for a new brew to quench your thirst, then the Annual Mash Madness from Downtown Sioux Falls is the event for you.

The 6th Annual Mash Madness brings breweries together for a friendly competition during the month of March. It's like a big basketball tournament except it's up to the brewery patrons to decide which tap has the best beer.

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According to the Downtown Sioux Falls website, five local downtown breweries are participating in this competition. These breweries include Covert Artisan AlesSeverance Brewing Co.Remedy Brewing CompanyWoodGrain Brewing Co., and Fernson Brewing Company. Each of these breweries were tasked to create a special brew just for the Mash Madness competition.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 1st, residents and visitors can try these select beers and vote for their favorite drinks on the The DTSF Digital Passport (the official downtown Sioux Falls app). If you're curious about the potentially winning brew on this year's menu, then take a look at the names of these beers and their descriptions being touted at your favorite downtown breweries.

  •  Covert Artisan Ales: "Say Cheese"
    • This brew even has hints of cheesecake and graham crackers.
  • Severance Brewing Co.: "Severing Ties Series: Persnickery"
    • This is a golden ale made with...Scooter Doddle coffee that comes from Scooter's Coffee stores.
  •  Remedy Brewing Company: "Electric Fruitaloo"
    • If you like sour beer, then this could be the drink for you.
  • WoodGrain Brewing Co.: "Citrus Punch"
    • This is another sour ale with hints of key lime and lemon.
  • Fernson Brewing Company: Cinnamon Crumble Coffee Cake Blonde Ale
    • The name of this beer alone sounds really sweet. Madagascar vanilla is included in this drink.

Drink up, Sioux Falls! The ultimate battle of the breweries is about to begin! Bragging rights are on the line.


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