Sioux Falls is fortunate to boast a variety of local restaurants and bars which enable residents and visitors to enjoy the city. Some bars located in Downtown Sioux Falls are actually operated by the same proprietors. These bars include The Treasury at Hotel on PhillipsCarpenter Bar, and Highball Bar.

The Highball Bar is the newest of these three entertainment establishments. It opened its doors in late 2021. It's located next to the tracks in the Eastbank of Downtown Sioux Falls. The Highball Bar offers an inviting space and a great cocktail menu. However, one patron who recently paid a visit to the new establishment did not feel the same way.

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In a Google Review, a man named Jason claims that he doesn't even know "where to begin" with his one-star review. From the preparation of the drinks to the staff and the other patrons inside the bar, Jason DeMar was not impressed. Here is Jason's entire Google Review:  (entire review in article)

I ordered the Horse's Neck & my wife ordered the Gin & Tonic - two fairly simple drinks that even dive bars get right & know how to make.

Idk if it was the poor craftsmanship of the staff (more on them in a minute) or if it is the recipe they've chosen to go with, but either way, the drinks were unbalanced, muddled & undrinkable. I'm talking bad. Like, bad bad. Both left a rancid & truly unpleasant aftertaste. After 3 sips we couldn't do it anymore - the more you tried to drink it the worse it got.

And for context, it was early in the evening, not busy and plenty of seating was still available, (we were on the outside patio) so there really was no excuse for the drinks to have tasted like they were made by 12 year olds staying up late pulling everything out of the pantry and using it all to make grog.

But I digress.

Now the staff.

The staff is in no hurry to do anything, don't seem to like one another & are not concerned with welcoming you or taking your order, but they look hip & they're def cooler than you (they're not). I really don't think they know what they're doing. Long waits to be approached. Long waits to get drinks & when we did get our undrinkable drinks, they didn't have straws. Asked for straws, waited for those also. Our server just stared slack-jawed at us when we had to ask them for straws two times, as though we were inconveniencing them and were requesting something strange.

Now onto the atmosphere & clientele.

Clearly The Highball have chosen to cater to the 60+ year old demographic. As my wife & I were sitting & waiting to order our drinks, listening to Jimmy Buffett, Cat Stevens & Billy Joel, an elderly lady began to bus her own table (way to go staff 👍🏻) by removing the glasses from her table & placing them onto our table instead..... we bit our tongues & didn't create a scene, as at that time we were still excited to try the drinks at Highball.

But rude patrons, rude staff, bad drinks & bad music turned out to be the perfect recipe for a bad evening.

We left Highball & went to Hello-Hi instead, where the staff was friendly, the drinks were balanced & served with straws.

Keep in mind: This Google Review was created around the time the Highball Bar first opened its doors. Some staff members of the Highball Bar's sister establishments were truly hurt by this review. They just noticed it one day and felt terrible that this patron had a not-so-great experience.

I stopped by the Highball Bar a few months ago, and my observations were quite different. The Highball Bar has a great atmosphere, and there's something for everyone to enjoy. It's important to patronize local businesses like the Highball Bar and to offer support to employees and staff members. It's been a trying few years, and they are genuinely trying to do their very best. Remember to demonstrate some compassion the next time you decide to spend a night out.


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