There is nothing like cracking open a can of a cold, local brew from one of the Sioux Falls breweries. In fact, these drinks alone were a connection to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the local Sioux Falls breweries are facing another challenge, an aluminum shortage. This could mean that the prices of those craft beers that you enjoy at home could cost a little extra money.

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The nationwide aluminum shortage is affecting businesses across the country, especially small businesses. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, aluminum prices have skyrocketed and have reached an all-time high. Unfortunately, this trend appears to have no end in sight. Due to the ongoing supply chain issue, there are some local breweries facing difficult decisions which need to be made over the next couple of weeks.

Fernson Brewing Company and Remedy Brewing Company recently spoke about the demand for aluminum cans with our news partners at Dakota News Now.  Ball Corporation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aluminum cans. Now, the business is "requiring non-contract companies, including smaller breweries, to order a minimum of five truckloads of cans." Five truck loads of cans add up to a little over one million cans which is what Fernson Brewing Company says it uses in an entire year.

Co-founder of Fernson Brewing Company Derek Fernholz tells Dakota News Now this is just "another hurdle of a long list of things to figure out." "We’re talking $100,000 to $150,000 order of cans, that’s a lot to sit on, and warehouse, and have that money spent, right? From a business perspective," explains Fernholz.

Ball Corporation also indicates there will be a price-per-can increase.  The timing of this supply chain issue is not optimal for Remedy Brewing Company either. They are just getting ready to can its millionth brew since the brewery first opened. Co-founder of Remedy Brewing Company Matt Hastad says what Ball Corporation is asking is just not possible.

Dakota News Now (with permission)
Dakota News Now (with permission)

These new requirements from Ball Corporation go into effect for small breweries like Fernson Brewing Company and Remedy Brewing Company on January 1st.

This is a lot of information. However, the overall message here is to support local businesses in the Sioux Empire, especially breweries. What's happening down the road will be a struggle for all local breweries. The prices of your canned craft beer may be more expensive however continued support of these local breweries will be well worth it!


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