If it is January in Sioux Falls that means it is Downtown Burger Battle time!!!!

This year there are 24 burgers competing. Challenge accepted.

Back when Downtown Sioux Falls posted the information about this year's competitors, right away, I knew I wanted to try Wiley's first!

Wiley's is located at 330 North Main Avenue. Their offering is called The Farmer's Breakfast Burger.

The Farmer's Breakfast Burger is described as, "Sausage beef patty, cornbread waffle, with an over easy egg, candied pepper bacon,  American cheese, sausage gravy."

I'm a little biased because I just love breakfast foods, but this burger lived up to my expectations and then some.

It's probably in my top 5 burgers from any burger battle ever. It was so good.

The pepper from the bacon and a little bit of spice from the sausage was beautifully balanced by the maple syrup on the side. I love a good salty/sweet moment. Plus, I always love an egg on a burger.

Technically this isn't a fries and sides challenge, but I've always liked Wiley's chips and these were a great accompaniment to this burger. They were delicious dunked in the syrup or as a tool to pick up some of the fallout from the burger. And there was fallout. This is definitely a messy one! The messier the better!

I would most definitely order this burger again if it was made a permanent fixture at Wiley's.

The Downtown Burger Battle is going on now through the end of the month!

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