If it is January in Sioux Falls that means it is Downtown Burger Battle time!!!!

This year there are 24 burgers competing. Challenge accepted.

I've previously told you all about The Farmer's Breakfast Burger at Wiley's and the Sriracha Chili Bacon Cheese Burger at Phillips Avenue Diner. Both great contenders. Then there was the Burger Wellington at Bread & Circus.

Now, let's discuss Holiday Inn City Centre's Santa Fe Chimi Burger.

The Santa Fe Chimi Burger is described as, "Certified Angus patty seasoned with a blend of spices encased with rice, red pepper and black bean relish, jalapenos, garlic, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, and queso Blanco sauce in a tomato tortilla then fried crispy. Served with house-made avocado dip and your choice of one side."

If you like Tex Mex food, if you like burritos, you will love this.

When I first read that the burger is wrapped and then fried, I knew I had to try it. I mean, it's fried, how could it be bad?

The house-made avocado dip was the bomb. It really did enhance the burger. Sometimes the sauces served with the burger don't seem totally necessary. This one was very necessary. I could eat that dip with a spoon.

The crinkle-cut fries were great as well. However, the real star was the burger, as it should be. The garlic with the tomato tortilla and the queso and the rice all just work so well together. It really was a great tasting burger.

So far, I think my top 2 are Wiley's Farmer's Breakfast Burger and this Santa Fe Chimi Burger. However, I love breakfast and Mexican food so those two burgers were really in my lane.

There are still a lot of burgers to go. It may be too soon to pick a favorite.

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