January 31st marked the end of #BurgerBattle21. However, I sampled a few more burgers over the weekend so even though it is now technically February, I still have to give you my two cents!

This year there were 24 burgers competing. Challenge accepted.

I've previously told you all about:

My eleventh burger was Ode to Food and Drink's Ode to Dill-icious Burger.

The burger is described as, "7 oz house-ground brisket/sirloin is hand patted & cooked to order. It sits on a bed of garlic aioli, alfalfa sprouts, pickled cucumber & red onion then topped with dill creme fraiche. Served on a grilled egg bun. Comes with the sidekick of your choice."

I was not excited to have this burger. Let me explain, I like pickles, but dill can be overpowering. I also don't really like sprouts. However, I was totally proven wrong. This burger really was dill-icious. And the sprouts didn't bother me either.

The pickled cucumber and red onion was definitely done in-house and it was very refreshing actually. And the dill creme fraiche was so good. Creme fraiche is similar to sour cream or Greek yogurt, but better because it's French.

A lot of the other burgers were very heavy. It's a very Midwestern thing to just throw bacon, ranch, or cheese on something. Don't get me wrong, I love all those things, but this dill-icious burger just seemed lighter and fresh.

I'm not sure this was my favorite burger overall, but it definitely takes the prize for the burger that surprised me. Or burger that changed my mind. Or burger that exceeded my expectations.

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