"Wonderful" by Everclear was the first single off of their album, Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile.

Everclear is a band from Portland, Oregon. There has been a bit of a rotating door of members, but Art Alexakis is the frontman and one constant in the band.

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According to Wikipedia, "It reached number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100. To date, this song is the band's only top 40 hit on the Hot 100."

"Wonderful" went to #2 on Billboard's Adult Alternative Songs chart and #3 on both the Adult Top 40 and Alternative Airplay chart. On Billboard's Year-End chart for 2000, "Wonderful" landed at #54.

The song is about divorce from the vantage point of the child. In October 2003, Art Alexakis did an interview with Songfacts. He elaborated about "Wonderful":

I was a child of a broken marriage, my daughter was the child of a broken marriage, and it was hard to watch it happen to her. (This song) was me trying to make sense of it. ... It's one of those songs where I take my experiences as a kid, some experiences of some friends of mine, and kind of put myself into this kid's place. It's not really autobiographical but it's coming from a place that I understand very well. My characters tend to have aspects of my personality. It wouldn't be real if it didn't have a part of my reality.

Art Alexakis directed the music video.

Everclear released an album in 2015 and are still touring. In 2012 they started a nostalgia tour called Summerland Tour. Every year's lineup is different, but Everclear is obviously always on the bill. The Summerland lineup for the Summer of 2021 is Everclear, Living Colour, Hoobastank, and Wheatus.

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