For this week's Throwback Thursday song, I have to be honest, I found a 'Women of the 90's' playlist and it is amazing! I haven't skipped a song once!

Then, I got to thinking, March is Women's History Month and International Women's Day was March 8th, so I thought "Wonder" by Natalie Merchant would be perfect!

"Wonder" by Natalie Merchant was the second single from her album, Tigerlily. 

"Wonder" peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the Adult Top 40 chart, and #7 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart.

Natalie has said in interviews that the song was inspired by children diagnosed at birth with disabilities or handicaps and their ability to overcome. She had worked at a camp for kids with special needs when she was a teenager. According to, Natalie said, "So when I wrote the song 'Wonder,' I wrote the song about a woman who was born with handicaps that seemed insurmountable, but she did overcome them, greatly because she had a loving family, especially her adoptive mother - she had been given up to an institution at birth."

Some, however, take the song to mean that any of us facing hardships have the ability to overcome.

For me, I always thought the 'she' in the song was a broad way of talking about women in general, and how we are all special and will face obstacles, but will rise! And the music video solidified that for me by depicting women of all different ages, races, and abilities singing along!

The song is just full of positive vibes and I think we can all use some of that!

"With love, with patience, and with faith
She'll make her way, she'll make her way"

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