White Town is a British band, but is actually just one guy. The one member of White Town is Jyoti Prakash Mishra. He was born in India, but moved to the United Kingdom when he was three.

"Your Woman" was the lead single for the album, Women In Technology.

Full disclosure, for a long time I thought this song was by the band Cake.

According to Wikipedia, Mishra said the song has many themes:

"Being a member of an orthodox Trotskyist / Marxist movement. Being a straight guy in love with a lesbian. Being a gay guy in love with a straight man. Being a straight girl in love with a lying, two-timing, fake-arse Marxist. The hypocrisy that results when love and lust get mixed up with highbrow ideals."

And here I thought it was just edgy to have a guy sing about being a woman. The song is way deeper than I thought.

The music video is filmed in an old school, black and white, silent film style.

The song is considered White Town's only success, but it was very successful. In the UK the song went all the way to #1 on the charts. Here in America, it did well, but not quite #1. The song peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100, but went all the way to #5 on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart and Top 40 Mainstream chart!



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