The Calling was a band out of Los Angeles and they had a breakout hit with "Wherever You Will Go" in 2001.

"Wherever You Will Go" was the debut single from The Calling's debut album, Camino Palmero. 

According to Wikipedia, band member, Aaron Kamin, says he wrote the song after a cousin passed away, but he stated that after the September 11th attacks, the song took on new meaning for people.

"Wherever You Will Go" was a huge hit in the U.S. It peaked at #5 on Billboard Hot 100, #1 on Adult Top 40, and #4 on Mainstream Top 40 chart!

Two music videos were filmed for the song. One takes places in Mexico, but the most recognizable video features the band performing while a love saga is taking place. This music video just solidifies the theory that you should not get a tattoo featuring the person you are dating. It never ends well. Plus, how pretty is Alex Band, the lead singer. It's almost too much.

The performance scenes were shot in the concrete channel of the Los Angeles River.

The Calling broke up in 2005 and then got back together briefly in 2013. The reunion was short lived and they soon broke up again.

In 2016, The Calling toured with a new lineup briefly with Lifehouse and Live. They announced new music in 2018, but it seems that never happened.




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