Dave Matthews Band was in town a couple weeks ago and I realized I never did a DMB song for Throwback Thursday? What was I thinking? I better right that wrong right now!

DMB did three shows while in Sioux Falls. I went to the Saturday night show and they did not perform "What Would You Say" so I picked that one because I wanted to hear it!

Any song where I can yell out a fun lyric is my favorite! Case and point, "Mom, it's my birthday!" If you don't yell that line, we can't be friends. That's why I was bummed they didn't perform it. I was so prepared to yell.

"What Would You Say" came out in 1994 and was the lead single off of the band's debut album, Under The Table and Dreaming.

Fun Fact: John Popper from Blues Traveler plays harmonica on the song.

"What Would You Say" peaked at #22 on Billboard Hot 100, #9 on Mainstream Top 40, and #11 on Alternative Songs chart.

Also, I don't think I had ever seen the music video until right now and total Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer" vibes. Which is weird because they covered that song at the concert!


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