"The Great Escape" is the first song I remember knowing from Boys Like Girls, but upon further research it turns out it was the second single from their debut album, Boys Like Girls. 

What a clever name for an album.

Anyway, Boys Like Girls is a band from Boston.

According to Wikipedia, Martin Johnson, band member and one of the writers, had this to say about "The Great Escape":

This song is about leaving the town I grew up in with my best friends at my side. A graduation-type song with a “we’re up to no good, fuck this town, let’s do it up for one more night” twist. I wrote it as a last hurrah to high school, growing up, and in a sense… the last night of being a kid. It’s the end of one chapter… with an outlook on the future… sort of like a prequel to the rest of the record.

"The Great Escape" went to #23 on the Billboard Hot 100, #20 on Billboard Adult Top 40, and all the way to # 8 on Billboard Mainstream Top 40. 

On a personal note, I saw Boys Like Girls open up for Hellogoodbye. At the time I hadn't even heard of Boys Like Girls. Then a couple years later, I saw Hellogoodbye open up for Boys Like Girls. Interesting.

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