It was announced this week that The All-American Rejects are coming to town! They have a show July 20th at The District! So this week's Throwback song was a no-brainer.

The All-American Rejects introduced themselves to the world with their debut single, "Swing, Swing" from their debut album clever titled, The All-American Rejects, back in 2002.

The band is from Oklahoma and is made up of members Nick Wheeler, Tyson Ritter, Mike Kennerty, and Chris Gaylor.

"Swing, Swing" was written by Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter. Ritter has said this about the song:

"My ex-girlfriend and I had a rough relationship, and that was written when it sucked real bad. I liked this other chick, so that's what the second verse is about, moving on to a hotter chick - no I'm just kidding. Moving on to another girl... or just moving on."

The song took awhile to gain momentum, but once it did it peaked at #8 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and #60 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.




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