Happy April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20.

For this special occasion I decided on Tal Bachman's hit, "She's So High" (Do you see what I did there? 4/20. High. Get it?)

Anyway, "She's So High" was a huge hit in 1999 for Tal Bachman. Tal Bachman is a Canadian singer/songwriter. Tal is somewhat of music royalty. He is the son of Randy Bachman from Bachman Turner Overdrive.

"She's So High" was the first single from Tal Bachman's self-titled album.

According to Wikipedia, Tal explained the origin of the song to MTV News by saying:

"I attempted to bribe the hottest girl in our high school to go out on a date with [my stepbrother]. So as the conversation between me and what I thought was this godly, exalted woman progressed, I began to feel more and more uncomfortable and awkward, and so I just remember that feeling... I don't want to say fear, but just kind of being in awe of her."

"She's So High" is Tal's most recognized and popular song to date.

The song charted in the Top 20 on a lot of Billboard charts. On the Hot 100 it reached #14, on the Hot 100 Airplay it went to #10. On the Top 40 Mainstream the song went to #6 and on the Top 40 Tracks it wen to #7. However, on the Adult Top 40 the song went all the way to #1.

Fun fact: Tal Bachman performed "She's So High" at a Taylor Swift concert in Vancouver in 2011.

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