"Take A Picture" by Filter was the second single off of the album, Title of Record.

According to Wikipedia, frontman, Richard Patrick, wrote the song about a couple drunken episodes he couldn't remember. He said in an interview, "When I wrote the chorus to "Take a Picture" [...] it was just after my friend was like, "Do you remember anything you did last night?" And I was like, "What are you talking about?" She said, "My God, you were throwing beer bottles out of a cab window at a cop car. Do you remember that?" And I said, "Good lord, could you take my picture, 'cuz I won't remember." And that line just kinda stuck. Weeks later, I had another drunken experience – being on a plane and being blacked out and not feeling good and taking my shirt off, half in and out of consciousness – and I'm in the back of a paddy wagon. I’m thinking, "Oh my God, what is my dad gonna think of this shit?" Y’know, "Dad, what do you think about your son now?" So, the song is this amazing thing for me to look back on now."

I'm sure we've all done a few things we weren't too proud of while drunk. Maybe not to that extent, but I get the idea.

"Take A Picture" was one of Filter's biggest songs. It peaked at #12 on Billboard Hot 100, #3 on the Adult Alternative Songs chart, #7 on Adult Top 40, #3 on the Alternative Songs chart, #4 on Mainstream Rock chart, and #1 the Dance Club Songs chart.


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