With so much music being released from the former members of One Direction, it got me thinking about other solo efforts from people formerly in groups.

This brought me to Joey McIntyre, the youngest member of New Kids on the Block. He released a solo album in 1999 entitled, Stay The Same and gave us a song of the same name.

"Stay The Same" was released in March of 1999. The song went all the way to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single was also certified Gold.

To date, it is Joey McIntyre's most successful solo song.

The music video takes place in Los Angeles. It shows Joey in the studio with a choir and walking around the streets of LA. He even ends up on a roof for some reason.

Is it just me, or does Joey hug himself a lot while he's singing?

I remember, I got my mom this single on CD for Mother's Day. She loved this song.

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