Remember this song? Probably not.

Primitive Radio Gods were an American alternative rock group made up of members Chris O'Connor, Tim Lauterio, and Luke McAuliffe. They are best known for their song "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand," which was featured on their debut album, Rocket. 

The song did modestly well until it was featured on the soundtrack for The Cable Guy. It then hit big on radio and eventually went to #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks Chart and #7 on the Mainstream Top 40 Chart.

According to Wikipedia, "Its chorus consists of a sample from the 1964 B.B. Kingsong "How Blue Can You Get": "I've been downhearted baby, ever since the day we met."

The music video isn't too fancy. For the most part, it shows the lead singer standing outside of a, you guessed it, broken phone booth. I'm curious if the video is set in London because the phone booth is the iconic red phone booth you see a lot over there.

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