"Run-Around" was Blues Traveler's breakout hit! It was the first single off of their fourth studio album, Four. 

"Run-Around" was written by lead singer, John Popper. It was about his relationship with the original bass player named Felicia. He allegedly had a crush on her but didn't want to ruin their close friendship. Blues Traveler's song "Felicia" is also about her.

The music video for "Run-Around" has a Wizard of Oz theme. Dorothy and her friends, that look an awful lot like a scarecrow, lion, and tin man, are trying to get into a club to see Blues Traveler play. However, the real Blues Traveler is stuck behind the curtain while a younger, hipper looking band is playing on stage. Much like how the Wizard of Oz was just a guy behind a curtain. Get it?

Can you spot Dave Navarro in the music video?

"Run-Around" peaked at #2 on Billboard Adult top 40 chart, #4 on both the Adult Contemporary and Mainstream Top 40 chart, and #8 on the Hot 100 chart.

It was also #14 on Billboard's Year-End chart in 1995.

"Run-Around" won the Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group in 1995.

Blues Traveler is still around and touring!

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