I bet you totally forgot about this song!!

This is one of those songs that you kind of forget about until it's on at the grocery store or something and you go, "Oh man, I love this song!" But you probably don't know who sings it or what it's called, but you know every word!

Well, it's called "Roll to Me" and it's by Del Amitri!

Del Amitri is a Scottish band formed in 1980. The name 'Del Amitri' is basically meaningless. Kind of like Hoobastank.

"Roll To Me" was the third single from their album, Twisted.

"Roll To Me" peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, #4 on the US Adult Contemporary chart, and #1 on the Adult Top 40 chart! "Roll to Me" was Del Amitri's biggest hit to date in the United States.

However, the band doesn't really care for the song. According to Wikipedia, "The band does not consider the song one of their best and have often seemed irked that what they see as a throwaway pop song gave them their biggest hit."


Maybe that's why the music video was so hard to find. The band tries to keep it hidden away out of shame! The music video features the members of the band as babies, but with their normal heads. It's a little weird.

Del Amitri is considered a one-hit wonder in the US, but the band has had pretty big success across the pond. The band's Wikipedia page states, " Five Del Amitri albums have reached the Top 10 in the UK.[3] Globally, Del Amitri have sold six million albums."

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