I thought about doing "Rhythm of the Night" for a Throwback Thursday song when "Ritmo" by Black Eyed Peas came out because it uses a sample from the song.

Then, when I realized the song was by a group called Corona, I knew I HAD to do it!

"Rhythm of the Night" was the lead single off of Corona's debut album of the same name.

Corona is a Eurodance group from Italy. In Italian Corona means crown.

The song features vocals by an Italian singer named Giovanna Bersola, however she was not credited or featured in the music video. The woman in the music video is a Brazilian singer, Olga Souza.

According to Wikipedia, "The song was a worldwide hit in 1994, peaking at number-one in Italy, and within the top five in most of Europe, while in the US, it fell short of the top ten, reaching number eleven on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Cash Box Top 100."

"Rhythm of the Night" has been covered and sampled many times. Cascada has a version as well as the aforementioned Black Eyed Peas.

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