"Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" was the first single off of the album, Americana.

The song begins with the German sample from Def Leppard's "Rock of Ages."

According to Wikipedia, Dexter Holland of The Offspring had this to say about the song:

Given rap culture is the starting point, Holland clarified that it was not an attack on African-Americans, but "poseurs of any kind",[6] but without wanting "to be preachy about it... We're getting amusement out of it more than anything else."[7]

The band wanted Seth Green to be the 'white guy' in the music video but he was unavailable.

I find it amusing that the guy picked to be the 'white guy' is literally named Guy. His name is Guy Cohen.

"Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" is one of The Offspring's most successful songs to date. According to Wikipedia:

...peaking at number 53 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 5 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, and number 3 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

The song was also added to the video game Rock Band in 2016.



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