I'm still on my Kelly Clarkson kick!

Back in February of 2009 "My Life Would Suck Without You" went to #1 so I thought it was only fitting to make it a Throwback Thursday song!

This song, while fun to sing along to and is one of the crowd favorites in concert, has a dramatic backstory.

The song was co-written by Dr.Luke whom Kelly did not get along with. According to Wikipedia, "Clarkson said RCA approached her about taking a proper writing credit for the track, which she refused in order to make a point to the label as they failed to meet her one request which was not to have her work with Luke again."

That is some pretty serious money that Kelly probably walked away from by not taking a writing credit. Gotta give her kudos for sticking to her guns! Plus, Kelly isn't the only artist to have stated that Dr. Luke was horrible to work with.

On the brighter side, the song had one of the biggest jumps in Billboard history! Wikipedia states, "The song reached number one in its second week on the Billboard Hot 100 when it moved up the chart 96 places from number 97."

The music video was nominated for Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.


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