I bet you totally forgot about this song and Merrill Bainbridge until right now. You are welcome!

"Mouth" was the first single off of Merrill Bainbridge's debut album entitled, The Garden.

It was originally released in Merrill's home country of Australia in 1994 and went on to be a huge hit in America.

"Mouth" peaked at #4 on Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on Billboard Top 40 Mainstream chart.

There are two versions of the music video for "Mouth." One was only released in Australia, but thanks to the internet, we now have both! In one version she literally just makes out with a guy for the whole music video!

According to Wikipedia, Merrill didn't write the song with the intent of it being overtly sexual, she said, "(Any sexuality on "Mouth" was) not deliberate - it was definitely not a sexual song. It's just honest - about a relationship, how you feel in a relationship. Sometimes you feel you're in control and the next thing, you're insecure - it's the role playing thing. To me, it's not about straight up sexuality. It doesn't bother me if people connect with that, because obviously it's there, but it wasn't something I was aware of."

However you interpret the song, it is definitely an ear worm that will be stuck in your head. Again, you are welcome.

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